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What does it mean to accept the inevitable? I’ve been pondering this lately as I’m getting older, (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but things are changing that I have no control over. For example I can’t jump around in Jazzercise like I used to. I have to step in place because my knees will bother me if I don’t. I find that I need a little rest time in my day so that I can keep going on into the evening with activities. I find that I’m more assertive than I used to be – yes, I’m a bit mouthy – and don’t really care about the consequences.

In other words things are changing and I actually now understand my mother’s aging process much better since I’m going through some of the things that she used to go through.

Here’s Mom!

Lois Nedden

The bottom line is it’s my job to accept my age changes rather than complain and resist. It’s just the way it is

Now I know this isn’t easy and for sure it hasn’t been for me. I remember when I used to run for fitness but after several years it was causing me a lot of back pain. So I had to stop running and just do walking. And of course that caused me to be depressed because I thought I’ll never be as healthy as I want to be from just walking. And yet I have found that walking is a great fitness activity for me now.

So I have accepted that but I will admit that when you’re going through any kind of a change acceptance might not come right away. But if you give it some time and also appreciate the fact that this may be just a normal thing for you then you can finally make peace with it and accept it.

What are you going through right now that is challenging you?

Here are my tips to help you with acceptance of anything that might be changing for you that you are starting to resist.
A – Allow the change to come into being instead of fighting it

C – Communicate your feelings with family or friends so you don’t bottle things up

C – Create new opportunities that will achieve the same benefit you’ve been looking for only do it differently

E – Eliminate negative feelings that arise and focus on how can you shift and move forward with your life

P – Pretend all is as it should be and relax into these changes to allow your body and mind to relax

T – Train yourself to keep moving forward instead of yielding to depression, regret, anger

A – Allow time to accept the changes and let your mind go through the stages of grief and loss

N – Notice when you have shifted into accepting your new reality and celebrate your progress

C – Collaborate with others going through a similar situation and get ideas on how they’re dealing with it

E – Enjoy the process of change as another wonderful thing about being alive


And finally, I love this reminder from one of my support groups – “When I got busy I got better”

So I got busy writing this blog and now I feel better!

If you need some support around acceptance, contact me for a quick laser coaching session to give you a boost.


Be well.


3 Cravings you must have in the New Year

3 Cravings you must have in the New Year

  1. Craving to meet new like-minded people and expand your circle of friends
  2. Craving to make a difference in other people’s lives
  3. Craving to get healthier yourself

Now if that sounds like something you can commit to, and you don’t mind taking the time and energy to make that happen, then you are in the right place right now.  Of course if this is not your desire, you may stop reading now, but I do wish you a very happy and healthy new year!

For the rest of you, want to learn more?  Read on.

As I ended my career in the corporate world and branched out on my own,  I realized I still had more to offer and craved these 3 things.  I never saw myself retired so I knew I had to create a new path for myself that would still be fulfilling personally but would also allow me to continue making a difference in the health and wellness of others.  The path I chose fell into place because I was OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES  and was WILLING TO TAKE CALCULATED RISKS.

If you are at such a crossroads as this, then I have 8-STEPS  that moved me forward into a place of new challenges, renewed energy, exciting possibilities, more relationships and support than at any other time in my life, more fun and travel, better health (I thought I was super healthy, but found out I could do even better) and even opened a path to financial security (that was a bonus!)  Believe me this was a welcome surprise to me at this time in my career and I felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle a NEW BEGINNING in life.  So are you ready for a new beginning this NEW YEAR  too?

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Remember, making a commitment to one other person means you have taken the best first step toward making a change in your life.  Welcome to my world!!


Be Well!



SHIFT Happens

There’s a shift going on.  Can you tell?

Warm to cold.

Light to dark.

And most recently, beautiful fall days have descended into rainy dreary November 

How does this effect you?  Take it in stride?  Or resist it all the way? I always try to put a positive twist on things so here are tips to approach all these changes.

S – Settle into it and “go with the flow”

H – Honor the changes as the natural rhythm of the universe

I – Investigate any resistance and make peace with the cause

F – Feel the energy of the transition and the new refreshing energy that comes with it

T – Treasure this universal flow as a gift

So how will you proceed with this annual shift of the seasons?

I would love to invite you to hear a recorded call from Dr. Christiane Northrup that will enlighten and inspire you as you face the transitions  going on.

Embracing Transitions: The power of making a change

In general, the vast majority of people on this planet resist change. For many, change brings on anxiety and a fight or flight response. And for the outliers and early adopters, who drive innovation – they see change as an opportunity. The good news is resistance is dynamic. Whether we are running from or toward ‘CHANGE’ – it ignites an inner power and heightens our awareness for interacting with the world. Transitions can be transformative.

Astrologically, since 2012, Saturn has been in Scorpio clearing the playing field for what no longer works, our shadow side emerged in order to be healed with lots of endings,  particularly in relationships. This year Venus has danced with Mars 3 times, with the finale on November 2nd.  All in the service to make us whole, teach us to stop projecting our power onto others and ultimately take responsibility for our experience. These are the attributes that can make a transition a transformation, whether you’re an empty-nester, ending or just beginning a relationship, embarking on a new venture, retiring from a job or finding yourself in menopause.

Please join Dr. Christiane Northrup and her sister Penny Northrup Kirk to hear more about CHANGE as opportunity and how you can more easily trust the process!


Click here and request the link to this call.

Be well as you make transitions!


Burn Baby Burn

It’s fall, foliage is starting to die off, dry leaves  are in piles everywhere – and instead of feeling down,  it brings me joy!
I Iove gathering it all up and burning it on a beautiful fall day.  Great exercise, great smells and fills my need to have a fire and burn something until it is all gone and back to nature.
Metaphorically speaking, it’s another way of looking at getting rid of something that I need to let go of that no longer serves me so I can welcome in what’s next.  In this case – Winter.  A season I am never ready for each year but when the hint of the first snow fall is upon us, I get very excited and just can’t wait.


So what are you still hanging  on to that is not serving you? Is it time to let that flame die out and allow yourself to be open for the next great thing coming for you?  When you release what you no longer need, you make space for something new.


I would love to hear what you are willing  let go of and the hint you have of what is coming next.  Click here and tell me all about it!
And if you need some coaching around that, let me know that too!

Community builds immunity – and maybe your bottom line too!!

How much value do you place on being with friends, family and co-workers? Probably alot, but did you know that it can improve your health as well?  I remember when I could count the number of friends I had on one hand, and now I need at least 10 hands when I add them all up.  A big change for me and I am definitely happier and healthier as well.  So what is this all about?
You are invited!
Dr. Christiane Northrup knows and will be sharing her wisdom and the science on an upcoming conference call that I would like to invite you to.
Tuesday, October 20th 2015
8:00pm – 8:30pm ET
It is a well-known fact that the company we keep influences our well-being, and research shows that the more varied the groups to which we belong are directly reflected in healthier immune system functions.
Have you also heard this – ‘your network is your net worth?’ These ideas serve to reinforce the notion that belonging to multiple and varied communities serves to boost not only your health and but also your finances, and undoubtedly your sense of well-being along the way!
Join leading women’s health expert Dr. Christiane Northrup with her sister Penny Northrup Kirk for an intimate, 30-minute call, to find out how this has been true in their lives and the people they know!

Team Northrup Business Opportunity Call
Tuesday, October 20th 2015
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Immediately following the telegathering, join Team Northrup leaders, Dr. Deborah Kern and Karen Wolfe as they teach you how to harness the power of the health-wealth connection with Team Northrup and our product partner, USANA.
This thirty-minute call will give you an overview of our clinically tested and proven products, how to earn residual income with Team Northrup, and how we use personal growth as a business building strategy in a supportive community.


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Your Challenge Today – What’s age got to do with it?

This is my current thinking about my life today. The numbers keep piling up but I still feel and think the same.  So do I define myself by what society says my age should be like, or do I challenge myself to accept that I am growing older but I have an ageless outlook that cannot be defined with a number. What about you?  Do you still “act your age” or act as if you are ageless?  Here are my thoughts in my latest video.

So what are your thoughts on the numbers  game?

Recently, has your age-number stopped you from doing what you truly wanted to do?

Is your age-number holding you back from being all you can be?

What would happen if you forgot about your age-number and did just what you wanted to?


I would love your comments about this.  Click here and let me know!

Be well on your ageless journey!


Introducing 5 Reasons Why Working From Home Rocks Your Health

Have you always dreamed of working from home but never got the chance?  I remember when the workplace was not interested in letting us work from home because we couldn’t be trusted to do our work without having someone monitor us all day.  Well times have changed (thank goodness) and it is certainly more common today than before.  And from my personal experience over the past 10 years having a home-based business and being home all day – It is AWESOME!  It certainly beats commuting thru traffic to a place that coops you up all day and drains all your energy so by the time you commute back home you are totally whipped.

So why bring this up to you?  You might be contemplating your next move in life to either quit your job altogether, work part-time or do something else on your own terms.  Well if you are anything like me, I LOVE TO WORK and don’t want to stop.  But I do want to do it on my own terms.  And what I’ve found is that I can have it all and be at home as well.  Yes – having a business at home is the answer for me and it may be the answer for you too.  Watch this video and I will explain.

Did I strike a “home-based business” chord in you that says – tell me more about how to do that!  Let’s talk.  I’d love to hear what you have in mind for your future and maybe I can help you uncover what your next move might be.

Click here and let’s connect.

Be well on your journey HOME!


My Water Bed is Leaking and There’s No Turning Back

What do you do when you know an era is ending in your life and you are not prepared?  This recently happened for me when I found my water bed (yes I still have one after 37 years!) sprang a leak and we were forced to search for another one to replace it.  But first we had to empty all that water using a pump, hose and an open window to send all the water out into the yard.  It became our funeral process.

waterbed with Bill

So off we went on a bed-shopping spree to investigate what was out there.  Much to my dismay, we couldn’t find another waterbed anywhere to buy complete.  Yes they could still order the bladder (that’s the big bag of water, much like the one you carry around inside of you – hence the name bladder) but they would have to build a frame and that would be costly.

As we shopped all I could think of was nothing we tried felt as good as my favorite waterbed surface that was so warm, comfortable and nurturing.  I was in total grief!  But there was no turning back so we forged ahead.  There are regular mattresses, pillow-top mattresses, memory foam mattresses, air beds, my head was swimming and the sticker shock meant taking out a loan for a mattress.  Imagine that!

Well we finally made a decision, signed the loan papers and had it delivered.

Bed - new

Yes it is beautiful, but now the period of adjustment has set in.

  • I’m getting into a cold bed every night instead of a warm inviting surface
  • The bed feels extremely hard
  • The covers don’t stay tucked in and I’m pulling them up to my ears several times a night
  • I wake up feeling stiff with a slight backache
  • The cats love it tho!

So the saga will continue and I’ve been advised to give it a month or two before I decide if I can adjust.  If not, I have been assured I can trade it in for another model that might work better. Who knew the world of buying a mattress could be so complicated, but if I live another 37 years I want to be sleeping on a surface that is comfortable!

Now back to you.  When have you faced an unexpected change in your life that you weren’t prepared for and how did you work thru it?  I would love to hear your story.  Just click on my email here and tell me about it.

And if you are currently needing someone to guide you forward with a challenge you are facing (like preparing for retirement, leaving a job you have had for a long time, facing a health challenge, wanting to take your health to a higher level of wellness)  contact me for support.

Be well on your journey and keep your head above water!






Getting Older is Looking Better and Better

My head is still spinning after viewing Dr. Christiane Northrup’s latest PBS Special Glorious Women Never Age.  Inspiring, energizing, educational and entertaining. She is the role model we all need as we continue on this path of aging – oops – drop that word and replace with living agelessly!  That’s what she is all about and that’s what I am all about too. How about you?

Here are a few nuggets from this powerful show – and now a DVD if you were able to pledge to support PBS.

  1. Reframe the Term Aging

Words affect our biology so we need to use “feel good” words instead of all that negative talk like aging leads to deterioration and decline, which is how many of our institutions frame the aging process.

  1. Address and Change Cultural Programming

Your beliefs about aging are more influential on how well you age then what the culture dictates to you. So tune in to those cultural messages but don’t adopt them.  Reject them and continue with your own “healthy” path.

  1. Stop Participating in Ageism

Don’t fall prey to saying  “I’m having a senior moment” when you forget something.  Remember it is probably due to information overload rather than pathology.   And stop saying  “I’m too old to do that or wear that”.  Says who!  I’ll bet you can come up with ageisms on your own.  Remember, growing older is an opportunity to increase your value and competence.

  1. Enjoy a Sweet Life by Keeping Your Blood Sugar Stable

We consume far too much sugar and it is leading us down the path to inflammation, obesity, Diabetes, sugar addiction, depression, stress, I could go on and on. This is a critical issue we must deal with if we are to be ageless beings. Start adopting a low-glycemic lifestyle and you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

  1. Don’t Take Life Sitting Down

Get moving and stay moving to allow gravity to exert it’s “pull” on you and keep muscles and bones from deteriorating.  Astronauts living in a weightless environment without gravitational pull return to earth deconditioned.  So get up every hour off your chair where you are experiencing weightlessness and move, jump, run around for 10 minutes!

  1. Develop Centenarian Consciousness

People over 100 have these characteristics in common.  Rebellious, defiant, future oriented, have a positive outlook, use rituals of pleasure, aren’t obsessed with age, don’t like to be around old people.  Some great ideas here to consider for your plan on living agelessly.

  1. Establish a Sub-Culture of Anti-Aging

We all need good support to thrive so create a variety of “tribes” to belong to.  Hang around healthy positive people and remember – Community = Immunity.  You all will benefit from each other by creating something special that is not old or young but something else.

Hope these tips peak your interest and to go deeper, I highly recommend Dr. Northrup’s book Goddesses Never Age – The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality and Well-Being. 


 Want some support around becoming Ageless?

 Email me at and we will connect!

Think AGELESS on your Wellness Journey.


Your 10 Step Guide to a Rockin’ New Year

Are You In a Position of  a Lifestyle Transition?

The word TRANSITION means the passage from one form, state, style, or place to another – CHANGE!  Some of you are cringing thinking about change, but others are thinking – BRING IT ON!  How many transitions are you experiencing right now?  From holiday over-eating to New Year reckonings about weight?  From worrying about money to wondering what else you could do to increase your income?  From working in a job that is not a fit for you to wondering what else you could be doing? From leaving the workforce to enter the world of retirement and not knowing how to adjust? Transitions are everywhere at any time and can be perceived as negative or positive.  I prefer the latter and have some thoughts to consider.

T – Trust your instincts.  Rather than be caught off guard when things change, take the high road and note what your gut is telling you about what it going on. Keep in mind the change you are experiencing might be just what you have been secretly wanting!

R – Reset your eating and exercise program.  Have you been stuck and know you want to get healthier but not sure how to make the first move? Is sugar standing in the way of you losing weight and being more active?  I’m sure you have dealt with this before, so reflect on what helped you be successful in the past and recreate those steps. Check out his video of how I was able to conquer my sugar cravings and lose weight too.

A – Adjust your thinking from I CAN’T  to  I CAN.  See yourself healthy, happy and whole.  Send time every day imagining yourself being your best and being grateful for all that you are and have.  Hang up pictures to visually represent what your goals look like so you can start living in that body even before you get there. Click here if you would like to be inspired by Karen Drucker’s inspirational song I Am So Blessed .  Love her!

N – Notice what you need right now. Go outside right now for a walk.  Yes – right now!  By yourself!  Take a notepad and pen along because great ideas are sure to surface while you are walking and you may want to write them down before you lose them.  Focus as you walk on what you really need right now to move forward thru this transition. This will be your starting point.

S – Set goals in alignment with your values to create the life you love.  There are plenty of people teaching how to set goals in the world, but have you ever taken the time to really ask yourself what you want? Yes, you know what your mother wants for you, what your kids want, what your partner wants, and what you “should” want.  But what do you really want?  Write down 3 dreams you have for a more complete life and post it where you can ponder it.  Start planting those seeds in your thoughts and they will begin to sprout.

I – Integrate all your skills into a single focus.  By now you have probably acquired a lot of great life and work skills that make you the fantastic talented person you are.  During this transition, you might find that it is time to put them all to good use and see what emerges.  Write down a list of everything you are great at – write until you can’t think of anything else – at least 30 things.  Now send this list to your closest friends and ask them what kind of role or position this skill set reminds them of.  Maybe they will be able to help you realize what you are meant to do, even if you can’t figure it out.  Sounds like a fun exercise, doesn’t it?

T – Train yourself for new skills.  After I had acquired all the skills I thought I needed in life, I opened up myself to what might be next for me – the key – being open to possibilities.  What showed up for me was “wellness coaching”, or some people call it “life coaching”.  When I was searching for “what’s next for me”, a friend coached me and after just 2 sessions, I had a new direction, a plan, and I was on my way again.  I loved the experience so much, I was trained to be a coach as well as a coach trainer.  If this idea is attractive to you, check out for a FREE download to get yourself started.

I – Invite new opportunities.  When I was transitioning out of the workforce and into my own independent wellness business, I needed to figure out how to earn money while still doing the work I am passionate about.  Because I remained open to new ideas, I was presented with a way to help people get healthy as well as make passive income that could grow over time and secure a prosperous retirement income for me.  What’s not to love about that!  The key was to stay open to new ideas and give them a chance to see if they could work for you. Check out my website at to learn about what’s working for me.

O – Own up to what is best for you. Not sure what direction to take as you transition?  Your guide should be how you “feel” about what you decide to do.  As they say, if it feels right – do it?  I love the “emotional guidance system” as a great tool to use from the work of Abraham and Esther and Jerry Hicks in their book Ask and It Is Given

N – Now is the time to reinvent yourself.  I wrote a whole chapter on this in the book Wise Women Speak – Choosing Stepping Stones Along the Path.  My gift to you is a FREE download of this chapter by logging on to my website

Enjoy the process of your transition.  Remember, it’s about the journey not the destination.

Fun times ahead!