Why Carol

A Wellness Pioneer

Early in my nursing career I realized that patching people up after chronic disease had settled in was not the path for me. Education about prevention was a better fit. So I broadened my scope from nursing into Health Education and became one of the pioneers of the wellness movement in the late 70s. I started sharing the message long before the word “wellness” was even the buzz word that it is today. I even remember a physician once saying to me “wellness isn’t a word”. Amazing how far we have come with the profession of wellness. And yes – today it is a profession!

In Good Company

Ever since I developed a “passion for wellness” I have never stopped modeling healthy behavior and being a passionate promoter of Wellness Lifestyles. After leaving my corporate wellness work, I embarked on my own business with USANA Health Sciences as my product partner. I discovered that my passion for wellness was only rivaled by the company founder Dr. Myron Wentz’s global health mission of eradicating chronic disease from the planet. It was a perfect fit for me to continue my work armed with health products that I could actually trust and recommend because they were science-based.  And after using these products for over 10 years and seeing the health benefits that my family, friends and I have achieved has not only been amazing to me, but has been life-enhancing and life-extending!

Focused on Prevention Through Nutrition

Because of my early roots in nursing, I have a deep desire to guide healthcare professionals toward the path of wellness using coaching, proven science-backed wellness programs and the use of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade products. Going up against medical model thinking is a huge challenge, but the rewards of embracing the power of nutrition and seeing the health benefits with fewer drugs – or none at all – is the true key to reverse the epidemic of chronic disease we face today.

Fun to Work With

So if you are ready to embark on a wellness path as you enter your retirement years, why not work with me? You can count on my passion and persistence toward helping you achieve optimal health to be very infectious, you might even get as excited about wellness as I am – and we will have fun together.  Here’s a sample of my work with other coaches.  Enjoy!

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