3 Ways to Assess Your Wellness Literacy

Early in my nursing career, I remember developing frustration over taking care of patients who had conditions I sensed could have been prevented.  Of course I wasn’t taking the greatest care of myself either at that time.  What was really going on with me was not being true to myself by being a bedside nurse. I had an innate knowing that there had to be a better way to deal with my nursing career.  That “intuitive hit” propelled me away from the bedside and into the role of School Nurse which seemed a better fit for me.  I could now teach students, staff and parents how to stay healthy.  At least I thought I could.

What I soon discovered was I had a knowledge deficit.  I really didn’t know much about prevention and wellness, just all the medical skills of basic nursing.  That worked well for me doing clinical work in my job, but I was a novice at education.  I remember being asked to present a class on heart health by a science teacher, and because I was a nurse he assumed I knew everything about health.  As it turned out, he knew more than me and I was quite humbled by that experience.  I really felt I had let him down, was totally embarrassed and needed to correct that right away.  I knew I was not fully equipped to take on the role of prevention specialist, even tho I was a nurse.

So back to school I went to pursue everything and anything that was being offered on health education, prevention and wellness. And what I discovered was I had a lot to learn.  But I found it to be FUN and effortless and therefore knew I had found the type of nursing that I could excel at – Health and Wellness.  Before I knew it, I had completed a Masters Degree in Health Education and was perfectly poised to embark on my career as a wellness specialist.

Now back to the role of the traditional nurse.  Not everyone wants to abandon that role and I totally appreciate that.  After all I still believe nurses are awesome!  It is still the best background I could ever have pursued to get me to this next level which is a better fit for me.  We have a tremendous background on the workings of the body and illness and disease processes, but truth be told, we are not prevention specialists.

And yet, because we are nurses, people think we know everything there is about being healthy.  Today most people are looking for a way out from under all the drugs and surgeries that healthcare promotes, so I think nurses can become wellness advocates to help them find the way.  But first you need to assess for yourself if you have a knowledge deficit when it comes to wellness and prevention.  

So please answer these questions for yourself.

  1. Do you consider yourself an expert on how to prevent illness and disease?  YES   NO
  2. Do others expect you to know everything about how to stay healthy?   YES   NO
  3. Do you know more about taking care of diseases rather than keeping people well?  YES NO

Hopefully this was thought provoking.  My experience with nurses is they haven’t had the opportunity to focus on wellness because they are overwhelmed with all the chronic diseases they deal with daily.  So my invitation to you is to follow this Wellness Blog for Nurses to start acquiring information and ideas that will help you build up your knowledge on how prevention works and how it will be the lifeline to a healthier future for our patients, ourselves, and the healthcare industry as well.

Optional FREE Bonus:  Here is a special Wellness Assessment that I use in my business that takes about 10 minutes and gives you 3 HIPAA certified reports that might be useful for you.

Health Risk Assessment

Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Nutrition Profile

And now please comment on whether people expect you to know everything about how to stay healthy even when you might not know, and how you handle that.  

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Sanoviv Wellness and Education Retreat

I just want to remind you of my next wellness retreat at Sanoviv Medical Institute –  and YOU’RE INVITED!

Sanoviv Health & Education Retreat
November 4-9, 2017


13.66 nursing contact hours from American Holistic Nurses Association

13.5 category I CHECHS for health educators

We only have 3 slots available so please reserve your spot asap if you’d like to join us. Sanoviv gives my group a great discount, too!

Deadline to make your $500 deposit is September 29

This retreat is all-inclusive including your ocean-view room, all delicious organic meals & snacks, spa, massage, facial, reflexology, all sessions, and transport to and from the San Diego airport. Your only other expense will be your airfare. You can also add on extra services at Sanoviv’s hospital or beautiful spa if you’d like.

You will be pampered at the detox spa, fed incredible gourmet healthy food, receive daily nutrition & health classes, and be filled up with nourishing connections.

Price for the retreat is $1997 for single and $1797 for double occupancy (normally $3800)—we are encouraging people to share rooms as there are fewer available this time so more people can come 🙂 So, do the double if that’s ok with you. The rooms are big and you’ll have your own bed.

Here are the full details:

Delicious organic meals prepared by expert chefs, spa treatments, cooking classes, pool time, wellness classes and in-person sessions with me will leave you feeling like an entirely new person by the time you leave.

You will also attend daily nutrition lectures to receive your Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor Certificate. This is a self-care retreat and educational seminar all wrapped into one. SANOVIV HEALTH & EDUCATION RETREAT November 4-9, 2017 ALL-INCLUSIVE, $1997 SINGLE OCCUPANCY, $1797 DOUBLE OCCUPANCY (NORMALLY $3800)

Sanoviv is a world-renowned Functional Medicine hospital located about an hour south of San Diego in Baja California.

You’ll be nourished with amazing healthy food, participate in fun classes, indulge in included spa services and rest, recharge & renew in Sanoviv’s toxin-free environment. They even give you organic cotton clothes to wear while you are there so you can fully experience the toxin-free environment (and, it’s so nice to pack light!).

You’ll also receive your Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor Certificate for participating in Sanoviv nutrition classes (which are optional).



Bioimpedance Analysis & Review, Stress & Relaxation Measurement, Microscopic Blood Analysis.


Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Sense’ Facial, Bioenergy Therapy, GROUP CLASSES, Meditation, Uncook Your Lunch – Raw Food Prep, Evening Presentations & Lectures, Energy Medicine, Gentle Yoga, Water Fitness, Laughter Yoga, Dental Lecture, Breathing & Relaxation Lecture, Additional Lectures & Cooking Classes, Group Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Product Training, Behind-the-scenes tour of Sanoviv.


All meals are prepared by Sanoviv’s gourmet chefs, and all food choices are optional.  All of the food at Sanoviv is organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and delicious. Any specialty diets, allergies, or food sensitivities can be accommodated to make your stay more comfortable. Unlimited organic tea, 2x daily green juice and wheat grass, Evening fresh coconut water, Additional meals and snacks (this is a gentle detox and you will not be hungry, you will be filled with nourishing delicious food your entire stay)


Sanoviv is safely located in Baja California (Mexico) about an hour south of San Diego. Sanoviv sits on a beautiful cliff right on the ocean; while we have incredible views and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean there is no beach access. There are beautiful pools throughout the campus to enjoy.

A PASSPORT is required for travel.

Plan on flying in and out of the San Diego airport (transport to and from the airport is included once you’re in San Diego). Arrive early in the day if you can, leave anytime on the last day.

Again, one of Sanoviv’s reliable and safe drivers picks you up and takes you back to the San Diego airport at no additional cost so you don’t have to think about additional transportation. The drive is about 45 minutes to one hour each way.

Click below to read about my “Ultimate Wellness Experience” at Sanoviv.

Ultimate Wellness Experience

Looking forward to having you join us!  Call me at 507-313-4515 or email me at

Remember the deadline to register and make your $500 deposit is September 29!


Time to Stop – Summer Sugar Shock

I know you are enjoying summer sun and fun and are in the mode of “whatever”.  I can break all the rules and indulge myself because who cares – it’s summer and I’m in a vacation state of mind.  That’s cool, but perhaps you have been over-indulging a bit with the sugar-rush that comes with a celebratory attitude.  Right?  I know I am doing that more now than usual.
What if I could offer you a sweet way out that fills your sweet tooth but doesn’t fill your body with that sweet toxin you just can’t seem to resist.
I’m excited to share with you the news that our 5-Day Sugar Buster Program, which I have used and promoted for the past 10 years (and it really works!) is NEW and IMPROVED and starts Sunday August 6.  Why is it new and improved?
Because it not only jump-starts a new healthy you in just 5 days, kills the carb and sugar cravings, adds back solid nutrition in the form of meal replacement shakes and cell-signaling technology in the vitamins provided, but also includes a “gut health” component which adds back good bacteria to set the stage for improved digestion.
Here are the features
Each “Sugar Buster RESET Kit” includes the following favorites:
5 days of “delicious” low-glycemic gluten-free meal replacement shakes
  • 8 Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal™ single-serve packets
  • 7 French Vanilla Nutrimeal™ single-serve packets
5 AM and 5 PM HealthPak™ Vitamin packets

5 USANA® Probiotic stick packs to add back good bacteria to your gut

Helpful Program Guide with an easy schedule to follow and great whole food snack ideas

Here’s a short video of Dr. Karen Wolfe explaining the Kit to those of us who already use these products.  Thought you might like to see it too!

In addition there are 2 FREE calls with Dr. Karen for extra education and coaching, plus 28 days of followup emails for continued support.
But wait – there’s more!  I will offer optional wellness coaching for the full month so you will never be alone on this journey.
What’s not to love about all of these features!
And you won’t believe the new reduced cost. Just $99.95 plus tax and shipping.  Probably less than your grocery bill and meals out for 5 days.
Time to curb those carb cravings and get back on the path of healthy eating and releasing stubborn body fat.
Want to know more?  Connect with me by clicking the link below and I will schedule a call to answer all your questions.  Hope to hear back from you soon!

Deadline to register is July 26 so don’t miss out!



Summer Special that will Wake You Up!

I’m just back from my annual trek to the 42nd Annual National Wellness Conference – the lifeblood of my wellness career for rejuvenation, renewal, re-tooling and re-acquainting with old friends. Once again amazing experience after being in attendance for the past 30+ years.  That’s an amazing feat itself!
I presented on SLEEP or the lack thereof, and was greeted by 65 tired souls who waited in line to get into the room and resulted in standing room only.  Apparently there are a lot of people (maybe even YOU) who have this issue.

So I’d like to share my Top 10 Tips For Getting a Good Night’s Sleep from the presentation, and if you read all 10 and click on the link below, you can enter my drawing for the TOP sleep aide that is natural, healthy, proven safe and effective, and your body can’t live without.  So read on and then click on the link to register for a chance to WIN a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP!

1.     Write down what you are grateful for at the end of the day so you feel good and can relax

2.     Take a relaxing bath before bed

3.     Decrease  electomagnetic fields (EMFs) by removing electronics from your bedroom

4.     Darken room with black-out curtains or use eye mask

5.     Use “white noise” machine to block out distractions

6.      Don’t exercise 2-3 hours before bed – Increases your temp, cortisol, hunger

7.     Take pharmaceutical grade Melatonin before sleep

8.     Take Magnesium, a calming and relaxing mineral found in a good multivitamin/multimineral

9.     Balance your blood sugar all day long

10.  Manage causes of gut problems that keep you up at night

Deadline to register is July 20

Click here to register. 

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After Easter Sugar Buster Boot Camp


with Carol Ebert and Dr. Karen Wolfe, Sugar Addiction Specialist



Each of these items adds to the success of your Boot Camp. . .

  1. Is Your Lifestyle Killing You?  E-BOOK
  2. A private phone session to get you set up for success
  3. Two group calls in the first week and then weekly calls with Dr Karen with specific topics to keep you on track
  4. Menu plans
  5. Delicious, quick and easy recipes
  6. Meal plans based on gluten free, dairy free
  7. Karen’s Kitchen videos for easy kitchen tips
  8. Educational videos and downloads
  9. Motivation, encouragement through the Facebook group
  10. Private Facebook group access so you are supported on the move to keep you motivated.
  11. Access to our supportive community of participants to connect with like-minded new friends. Our community also includes over a dozen health coaches to chime in on your questions and provide additional motivation.
  12. 5 Recorded Educational Modules by Dr Karen
  13. Sugar Buster Guidebook
  14. Clean Eating Recipe Book
  15. Weekly support from Dr. Karen & the Sugar Buster Coaches
  16. Pharmaceutical grade cellular nutrition from USANA Health Sciences.:
      • 28 servings of our high-quality protein smoothie drink
      • 28 day supply of the #1 rated multivitamin in North America
      • 28 single serve packets of USANA Probiotic, stable a room temperature and dairy free




EASY ENROLLMENT – click here

How to get your body moving

How are you doing with your food planning so far?  Got the shelves and frig re-stocked and ready for more healthy tips?  Your body loves good food but it also loves moving.

I don’t know if you are like me, but taking the time to exercise regularly always seemed more like a chore than a gift so I was reluctant to get into the habit.  So I learned to re-frame it from a have-to into a want-to.  I now think of exercise as a great stress management tool and because it works so well for that (without having to take drugs) I really want to do it and really enjoy and appreciate it.

How can you re-frame what exercise can do for you so you too will want to fit it in?

Take some time to think about how you’re going to find time to be active. Are you going to wake up early? Walk after dinner? Run during lunch? Schedule the time on your calendar, and write down what you want to do (bike, weight lift, yoga, etc.). And if you need to find a program to work out at home, look for something on YouTube. For example: search “no equipment 20-minute workout” (or however much time you have).

What’s your favorite time of day to work out?

What exercises do you like?

Want more information on the Sugar Buster Program starting April 24?    Deadline to register is April 13

Click below and let’s talk.

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Creating health in small packages

Welcome back from cruising your kitchen for carbs and sugar and packages of processed foods.  I did discover that my refrigerator is pretty well stocked with great fruits and vegetables, but the pantry is loaded with boxes of pasta.  Every time I try to discard them by donating to our local food pantry, my carb-addicted husband keeps restocking the shelves thinking I have run out.  Obviously I’m not communicating the message very well to him and need to have that conversation again.

How are you doing with this issue?  Clearly if we are going to be successful with our goals we need support from those we live with.

When will you have that conversation to line up your support system?

Speaking of food, there is another smaller – but just as important issue that we need to manage.

It’s SNACKS!  We snack all the time and that adds up too.  So how will you manage your snack attacks so they compliment and don’t conflict.

One of the best ways to stay on track is to create weekly meal plans that account for cravings between meals. Put tasty, convenient pairings—like apples or celery with peanut butter—and healthy snacks such as cherry tomatoes, olives, and pickles on your shopping list to complement your healthy meals.  These small but healthy snack packages will come in very handy when hunger hits.

What are your favorite on-the-go snacks?

Want more information on the Sugar Buster starting April 24?  Deadline to register is April 13

Click below and let’s talk.

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Does your kitchen support your health?

What does your kitchen tell you about your health?  Lets explore the story that it is telling you.

But first, how did you do yesterday writing your SMART goal?  Do you feel more empowered? I actually feel very good about just writing it down.  So often I keep my goals in my head swirling around and never actually get to doing something about it.  So congratulations on doing the first and most important step toward ultimate success.

Now it’s time to assess where those temptations are that drive you into the sugar bowl.

First things first—it’s time to dump the unhealthy stuff and stock up on healthy foods. Toss out those prepackaged cookies, crackers, and anything else that has high sugar and/or high sodium content. I’m not in favor of throwing food away, so maybe share these items with your local food pantry.  I realize that is passing unhealthy food on to others, so you will have to wrestle with this ethical dilemma yourself.

Next, stock up on fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean meats.

Below is a helpful shopping list from my colleague Dr. Karen Wolfe to guide you into locating healthy choices when you are shopping.  Be sure to shop the perimeter of the store and stay away from the inner isles which are all processed foods. And ignore that Easter candy isle!

Low GI Shopping-list Dr. Karen

Want more information on the Sugar Buster Program starting April 24?  Deadline to register is April 13

Click below and let’s talk.

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Spring Into Health with Sugar Busters

When Spring starts springing it is time to check in with the health goals you’ve been diligently working on since the start of the New Year.  So how is it going?  I’ve had my own ups and downs, and have decided that it is time to re-group and go forth once more with the ONE BIG ISSUE that most of us have.  SUGAR OVERLOAD.  And why am I initiating this right now?

Because Easter will be here soon and it is a holiday wrapped in SUGAR and the pressure is on to buy-buy-buy and indulge-indulge-indulge and then feel awful-awful-awful afterwards.  So if you are like me, you would like to prepare yourself in advance with tips and tools that will help you thru this challenging time. (Isn’t it sad that the real meaning of Easter has gotten lost in an Easter basket filled with a sugar which is 8 times more addicting than cocaine!)

During the next few days, I’ll be sharing ideas to help you PREPARE to meet this challenge.  Then once Easter passes, you will have one more week to get all the sugar out of the house – and YOU –  and be ready to join our Spring Into Health Sugar Buster Challenge beginning April 24.

Are you ready for this challenge?  OK – I get it.  You have tried and tried before and maybe did not make the progress you had hoped for, but you did make some progress, didn’t you?  So just get going again.  Most smokers try 7 times until they are successful.

You can do this. It’s time to begin living your healthy lifestyle. Make a conscious effort to make the most of every day, and commit to becoming a better version of yourself. Find the energy within you to make every day count.  This is just the PREPARATION phase with our ultimate goal to start moving forward April 24.

Write down one (not two or three) SMART goal you would like to achieve.

S – Simple

M – Measureable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Timely

Write it on post-it notes and place them several places around the house and at work so you will be reminded often.

Here is mine.

Cook 3 low-glycemic meals 3x per week on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday using the Sanoviv Cookbook.

That’s it for today.  Now just do it!

Want more information on the Spring Into Health Sugar Buster Challenge starting April 24?  Deadline to register is April 13

Click below and I’ll send you details.

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HURRY! Last day to “Be Healthy in 28 Days” before Spring

 TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to make the commitment to join our group of “28 day health seekers”.  We are a fun group who believe that our health is in our own hands and we decide how healthy we want to be.  But we also know it is challenging to do it by ourselves, so we seek support from like-minded and trustworthy people who know how to lead us and be by our side throughout the process.

We hope you will step into this opportunity knowing it will forever change the way you think about what you put into your body, how you move into an active lifestyle and how important having a support team is to the process.
TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to register for the 28-Day “BE HEALTHY” Challenge that starts March 6.  
Just to review:  Here are the BENEFITS you will receive when you participate in the program.
  • Free access to our team of wellness experts who have years of experience running successful programs
  • Access to a private closed Facebook group for support, sharing, answer questions, and build relationships
  • Complimentary one-on-one session with me to personalize your program to fit your lifestyle challenges, goals, etc
  • 28 days of high quality nutritionals to incorporate into your day (sugar-free smoothies with your choice of gluten-free, dairy-free or soy-free; low glycemic nutritious protein snack bars, vitamins customized to your needs, digestive health support as needed)
  • Shopping lists, recipes, menus, time-saving tips for low-glycemic meals to support optimal health
  • Daily support from videos, relaxation and sleep strategies, affirmations, movement activities, and more
  • Weekly group calls with Aura, Barbara, Heather and me for education and support
 Excited to join us?  Here are 2 steps to complete right now:
  1. Register TODAY February 22 so we have time to order your supplies.
  2. Schedule a call with me to answer your questions, discuss what goals you want to achieve, map out the perfect plan customized to your needs, and order your products.
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