Light My Fire

Have you taken the time to really look at your NEW life in retirement and determine if you are truly LIVING YOUR DREAMS? If you’re not living them, why not? Maybe you haven’t even figured out what your perfect life could really be. Isn’t it time to ask yourself what your SOUL is calling you to do in this next phase of life?   So you can rekindle that flame inside and light your fire once more!

Quick story. I’ve always worked for a boss who dictated what should be done and in return for my work I took home a paycheck. In other words, I spent most of my career being told what to do and getting paid to behave a certain way. That was the only way I knew how to make money. And it didn’t always allow me to fully express myself. And YES – at one point I was “stuck in a nightmare”!

But now that I have broken free from the constraints of a J-O-B and have my own wellness business I realize that by controlling my own destiny it has allowed me to free up my spirit to manifest more of my potential. Living the dream “in retirement” is now more possible than it was before. I am able to give more to the world now than I was ever able to do as an employee. In other words, I am “free to be me”.

So what does that have to do with you? I am a living example of someone who is pursuing my dream life by finally taking the time to decide what that looks like for me and then creating a roadmap to get there.

Ready to LIGHT YOUR FIRE – again?

 Whether you decide to stop working completely, continue working part-time or decide to have your own business, you still deserve to have your best life doing what you are called to do.

The most important first step
is to figure out your vision for your future

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 Check out this video and see if it gives you some ideas to create the vision for your perfect life.

Then  click on this link for 5 Steps to Begin Releasing Your Inner Spirit and Start Living Your Passion.


Still need more support?

Let’s connect and I will show you how “Life Coaching” is a great way to help you sort it all out and move forward with the right path that makes the most sense for you.

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