Good Vibrations

Now that you have entered the Retirement Zone, I know you would love to get recharged and reinvigorated and have more energy for those fun days ahead. You’re ready to embark on an amazing new life but may not have enough energy to do all that you want to do. Well listen up! I have a SIMPLE FIRST STEP that will provide GOOD VIBRATIONS and all the energy you desire so you can tackle whatever comes your way. You’ll feel like a new person and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!!

Now back to you. I need to address some barriers that might be standing in the way of you becoming the energizer bunny you want to be. These roadblocks are unique to healthcare professionals due to the paradigm in which we have worked.

Roadblock #1 – Not acknowledging nutrition as crucial to having abundant energy

What you eat has a huge impact on how much energy you have! You are no longer able to eat all the essential nutrients needed to fully fuel your body to give you all the energy you need. Food isn’t what it used to be! There is an OVER-abundance of junk food, processed food, restaurant eating of high fat, sugar and salted foods, and an UNDER-abundance of eating whole natural foods. Even consuming tons and tons of organic foods still won’t do the trick. Your cells are crying for the nutrition they need to function and they just can’t get enough from our SAD diet. (Standard American Diet). So you need a back-up “Nutrition Insurance Plan” to provide those missing nutrients. That means taking high quality vitamins daily for the rest of your life to insure that you are getting everything your cells need.

Roadblock #2 – Healthcare Professionals Don’t Value Vitamins

HEADS UP – If you have doubts about taking vitamins, GET OVER IT! You have been fed a line  that nutrition is not as important as taking medications. Re-think your belief about this. There are hundreds of studies that prove that chronic disease can be reduced and  even prevented by feeding your cells the nutrients they need to create optimal health.

Roadblock #3 – Not all Nutritionals are Alike

Has your doctor told you that if you decide to take vitamins, just buy the cheapest ones – they are all the same? TOTALLY FALSE!! The cheaper ones just don’t measure up! To restore the energy you need and improve your health for the long run, you need vitamins you can trust that are:

* Complete – has all the nutrients your cells need
* Bioavailable – nutrients actually get to the cells
* Safe – tested and proven safe using 3rd party verification
* Effective – improves your health
* Highest Quality – follows GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices)
* Pharmaceutical Grade – meets the highest standards
* Manufactured in FDA-regulated facility

As a health professional, these are the standards you expect for medications right? So why wouldn’t you expect the same standards for vitamins that will be going into your body?

Great Energy Comes from Great Science

I have researched all the vitamins on the market and found the BEST science-based nutritional product that gives you the BEST results and I want to make it available to you right now. It’s the perfect beginning step for you to reclaim healthy vibrant energy and change your “vibe” from sluggish to singing!  You’ll discover what having high-powered nutrients in your body feels like and you will be amazed!


Let me introduce you to your own personal


Here’s what you will get:

Full month’s supply of pre-packaged AM & PM vitamin packs – for pennies a day – that are ready to use, easy to take along when you are on-the-go, and have your name on the packets to avoid confusion.

Here’s why I love these vitamins:

No bottles to hassle with – no pouring of pills – all pills are pre-packaged in separate packets.

Highest Quality
Pharmaceutical-grade, scientifically tested for safety, manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, rated #1 in North America by 3rd party studies, tested by Consumer Labs.

Nutritionally Complete
Carefully chosen comprehensive spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that makes up for nutritional deficits and supports long-term health and well-being. The most powerful and complete vitamin and antioxidant formulas available on the market!

Provides Powerful Antioxidants
Science-based formula containing resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, and grape seed extract—potent antioxidants that will protect you from the constant barrage of free radicals your body faces every day. Note: You’ve heard that resveratrol in red wine provides you with a healthy benefit? This supplement contains the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in five bottles of red wine—without the hangover!

Supports Optimal Health
Makes it easy to get the full range of nutrients you need every day to support your entire body, including your heart, immune system, brain, nerves, bones and joints, lungs, eyes, and skin.

Extra BONUS – In addition you will get a 45 minute coaching session from me to sort out what your energy drainers are and ideas to turn them into energy producers instead.

Are you ready to get started on re-energizing your VIBE?

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Good Vibrations