Money, That’s What I Want

Have you thought about that “Money Thing” now that you are retiring?

My guess – – – it’s one of your top 3 issues!

So what’s your plan?  I know – you think your pension, your social security, the other sources you have tucked away should help you get by –  right?  But is it really enough for you to pursue the lifestyle you’ve dreamed about in retirement?

Do you really want to

“tighten your belt” and just get by?

Well I say NO to that! Let me tell you why. Now that I’m there, I discovered some surprises around money and me.

1. I didn’t have enough money to do all the things I wanted to do.
I wanted to have all the cash I need to travel whenever I want, visit relatives and friends whenever I want, and indulge myself on something wonderful whenever I want. And I couldn’t do that.

2. I still wanted to work (part time of course) and make money doing something I love.
I realized that I didn’t want to stop working.  After all  “I love to work”, but I wanted to do it on my own terms doing what I want, when I want and where I want.

Can you relate to this as well?

Which brings me to a solution for you – if you think it would be a fit.  It’s what I did and now I have an extra 5-figure income to make some of my dreams come true.  And I’m doing what I love!  Here are some great benefits you can expect from this opportunity.

Great stuff, right?  In addition, I would train, mentor and coach you to become the CEO of your own successful wellness business that allows you to operate independently (without employees) while you help others get healthy.  Included is an online wellness coach training program which provides you with the opportunity to master basic coaching skills and – – –

1. Become a Certified Wellness Coach with WellPro International

2. Receive on-going business training and mentoring to build a profitable wellness business

3. Start building a healthy, vibrant, fulfilling life path doing what you love

What is WellPro International?

*WellPro International is a wellness, coaching and business development company that attracts entrepreneurial and holistic minded people from all walks of life who want to dramatically improve their health, lifestyles and incomes as well as inspire others to do the same.

Who is this opportunity for?

  • Health professionals – like YOU
  • Women with a strong desire to transition from a traditional job into owning their own business
  • Successful women that want to reinvent their lives and align their work with their life values
  • “Motivated” women who are coachable, willing to grow and want to learn from the best

What you get with this opportunity

You become a partner with WellPro International – the New Face of Health and Prosperity

You will have a Turn-key Business System and a Coaching Certification Program

You will have science-based wellness programs that you can implement right away

You’ll be armed with the industry’s leading health and wellness nutritional company as your product partner, providing the exclusive nutrition supplements and food line that exceed industry standards and support the science-based wellness programs

You’ll be trained and supported by mentors who are already successful and will show you how to put all the pieces together to create a successful, thriving business based on your unique background

You’ll be part of an extensive, international community of like-minded wellness professionals.

This opportunity is very exciting for me to share because it provides health professionals with a comprehensive wellness program that focuses on coaching and can be implemented right away! Wish I had that when I was starting out!

Give it some thought then fill out the form. No obligation to join.

BUT if you are like me and love to jump into new exciting opportunities,

Why wait? Check it out!

Just fill out our WellPRO Partner application.
It’s that easy!
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